Kalıp Sektörü iş ilanları


Human Resources

Our core business fields are;

Toolshop and CNC
Sales and Marketing
Administration and Financing

If you would like to join A Kalıp family please subscribe your cv to info@akalip.com  mail address. Should your cv fit the position we will call & invite you for an interview.
All applications will be treated under strict confidentiality and won’t be shared with 3rd parties.

Please review our values prior job application;

Own the job
Our staff should be fully aware of the pozitive and negative impact of the work done. Meanwhile should know that all business done have an impact not only to the staff itself and the company, but to the country economy and to the era standarts as well.

Being reliable & honest
There is no doubts that to work in a peaceful & confortable environment mutual trust & cooperation is the significant point.

Being collaborative & open heart
We believe that people with team spirit and cooperative attitude can work together and efficiently only in case of close participation & collaboration.
Being free with any suggestion and being aware that any suggestion may trigger new suggestions or may help to develop new methods.

Creative & Innovative
Being aware of the next step coming, solution focused and having global mindset.

Sensitive attitude towards internal & external customers
Being open to all claims, suggestions & critics coming from colleagues within company and all customers.

Being Dynamic
Nowadays time has the highest cost value ,thus we believe that we can maximize the efficiency by being fast and time saving.

Being Leader
Analytical mindset and self-managed personality,hold managerial skills

Being Flexible
Easy addaptive personality to the changing environment

Time Management
Significant point is to have a good planning to hit the target

Being open to all research studies & development trainings concerned with the work done, being aware of all impact prior and after all process steps.