A Kalip Quality 

 A Kalıp being in line with its vision; develop, produce and sale products with suitable quality&qualification , use continuously improving & up to date technology to meet customer expectations.

We can document and certify our quality management system in accordance with international standar requirements.

Creative and innovative approach is always welcome, self-improvement traings like development of technical skills & attitude competence are available to enhance the loyalty of our workers, customers and suppliers.

Our management system including entire process chain starting with our suppliers and ending with our customers , has a self-assessment approach taking into consideration European quality & perfectness models criterias which helps us to present and define value added & performance boosting approaches among whole business field of operation.

Based on total quality management philosophy and by keeping team spirit, we do our best to hit company targets and expand the business within target market.
Keeping in mind absolute customer satisfaction motto, continuous improvement approach and keeping working on data given we do our best to increase productivity among all process steps, that we can reach international competitive levels of perfectness.